press coverage of my work (selected)


12. 2015: „Archaeologists Discover Elite 6th Century Cavalry Man with Unique Foot Prosthesis“. Kristina Killgrove, Forbes Magazine.

12. 2015: „Älteste Prothese Europas entdeckt.“ Kurier.

05. 2014: “How did ancient Egyptians end up with an affluent ‚modern‘ disease?”, Michael Russell for Cosmos Magazine

04. 2014: “Die Knochenleserin”. Karin Kriechmayr, Der Standard.

04. 2014: “Furred arteries found in ancient skeletons” Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph

3. 2014: “Ancient cancer victim first in archaeological record” by Louise Sarant, Nature Middle East

3. 2014: “Medical archaeology: A skeleton in cancer’s past” Clive Cookson, Financial Times

3. 2014: “3000-year-old skeleton found riddle with cancer” Interview mit Alphonso Van Marsh, CBS News

3. 2014: “Ancient Cancer”. Interview mit Bob Hirshon, Science Update

3. 2014: “Ancient skeleton is the earliest case of cancer yet detected” von Pallab Gosh, BBC News

3. 2014: “Cancer : les restes du plus ancien malade connu découverts au Soudan” Le Monde, France.

3. 2014: “World’s oldest example of metastatic cancer discovered on a human skeleton in Sudan” by David Keys for The Independent





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